Options Consultation

Before you make a decision, gather as much information as possible. Your choice should be informed. No matter what decision you choose, Pregnancy Solutions is here to help you get answers & find hope. Our client advocates take time to discuss your pregnancy options confidentially.

About Options Consultation

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you may be eligible for a limited ultrasound. An ultrasound will determine the viability (health) of the pregnancy, baby’s gestational age to give you an estimated due date, and confirm if baby is in the uterus. It is important for you to know the status of your pregnancy before you decide what to do.

Once you know you are pregnant, there are 4 possible outcomes:

You Could Choose Parenting

A birth mother (and father) make the decision to continue the pregnancy and care for their child. Choosing to parent may seem like an overwhelming task as you consider how it could affect your life. The good news is that there are resources and referrals in the community to help women and men be successful in their decision to parent.

Sometimes, choosing to parent may mean you choose to parent without a partner. Whether you choose to parent alone or with the baby’s father, you will not be alone. Pregnancy Solutions offers relational support to those who decide to parent. We can direct you to people who have experience and compassion in assisting in the choice to be a parent.

Parenting Facts Explained:

  • It may seem overwhelming to think about yourself as a parent. You will not be alone if you choose to parent.
  • Relational support is important for each person who decides to parent. We can direct you to people who will support you.
  • Parenting is not easy, but the first step is learning how to be the best parent you can be. We can help you with that.
  • There are community resources available to people who choose to parent.

You Could Choose Adoption (And even choose your child’s parents!)

An adoption plan is when a birth mother (and father) makes the decision to provide parents for their child. Many women say they could not carry a baby for nine months and then “give them up”. That is not the case when a birth mother (and father) pursue an adoption plan. The birth mother has full control over the adoption process. You will not have to do this alone, we will help!

Adoption Facts Explained

  • There are various types of adoption plans including: open adoption, semi-open, & closed adoption. We can help you know the difference. You won’t be alone in the process.
  • A birth mother has full control over the adoption process. You can choose the parents of the child, or you can change your mind & choose to parent yourself.

You Could Choose Abortion

If your pregnancy is confirmed, you could pursue an abortion. This decision comes with many things to think about. Understanding the facts about abortion may assist you in making your decision, along with the facts of miscarriage, adoption, & parenting. No decision should ever be made without being fully informed of your choices.

Abortion Facts Explained

  • There are different types of abortion methods that would be determined by how far along in the pregnancy you are. Abortion methods available to you in the first trimester are not the same as those available to you later in the pregnancy.
  • It is important you understand the procedures and how they will affect your health. Our medical team & client advocates are prepared to confidentially discuss your options in our Akron office, on our mobile unit, over the phone, or via text message.
  • There are different abortion procedures, medical or surgical. Both have serious, immediate, and long-term risks. It is important to understand those risks completely.
  • Speaking with a medical professional about abortion facts, options, and procedures will help you to know the possible risks & prepare you for a life-long decision you can live with.

Your Body Could Naturally Miscarry

Know the status of your pregnancy. A miscarriage is when your body spontaneously is unable to handle a pregnancy. This could occur for many different reasons. Miscarriage is often outside of your control.

Miscarriage Facts Explained

  • We know that as many as 25% of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage; most occurring during the 1st trimester.
  • Only an ultrasound can determine whether or not a pregnancy is healthy (viable). Pregnancy Solutions can offer a first-trimester ultrasound.
  • Most miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities. This means that they are usually beyond your control.
  • Call to learn more about our ultrasound services. But if you are noticing bleeding, cramping, & pain, contact your medical care provider as soon as possible. It is important to know if you are experiencing a miscarriage.

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